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How do I Use Discount Pet Meds website To purchase Pet's Prescription Medication?

When your vet diagnosis indicates that your pet requires medication, ask your vet for a written prescription. Find the products you require using the various search facilities.

  • Order the products you require and pay for them at the checkout
  • Upload, post, email or mms a copy of the prescription to us
  • We will dispatch your products on receipt of the copy of the prescription
  • We will provide you with a reply paid envelope to post us the original script in the mail
  • We aim to dispatch orders within two working days

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Prescription Medications From

You can make massive savings on the cost of your pet's healthcare. We supply a complete range of prescription and non-prescription products at significantly lower prices than your vet. If your pet is on long-term medication for a long-term illness (such as heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, or a skin allergy) you could save hundreds of dollars over their lifetime by purchasing from

Are The Prescription Medications Discount Pet Meds Supply The Same As Those From My Vet?

Yes - we source all our drugs from the same suppliers and the drugs you receive are exactly the same. We can only dispense exactly what your vet prescribes or generics. We cannot offer a larger quantity then what is prescribed.

What Is A Written Prescription?

A written prescription is a form that allows us to dispense your pet's medication. It is very similar to the form you would receive from your doctor for 'human medicines'. It must contain certain information including your name and address and your pet's name. It must also detail the medication to be dispensed, your vet's name, address, qualifications and signature, and the date it was written. Like medications in humans, some animal medications are 'over the counter' medications that don't require a prescription, whereas others are only available with a valid prescription. Please speak to your vet for information on obtaining a prescription.

What Do I Do With My Prescription?

You should send the completed and signed form to us as soon as possible via post.

Which Products Need A Prescription And Which Do Not?

Products requiring prescription are clearly stated on Discount Pet Meds Website.

My Dog Is On Long-Term Medication - How Much Can I Buy At One Time?

We can only supply what is specified on the prescription signed by your vet. If you wish to purchase larger quantities you should discuss this with your vet. You may also request that your vet allows the prescription to be repeated.

Can I Get A Repeat Prescription?

A prescription, whether repeated or not, is only valid for 12 months unless specified for a shorter period of time by your vet. Therefore if your pet is on long-term medication you could suggest a prescription for 12 months' supply of the medication to be repeated 11 times additional times (making a total of 12 uses).

I Have Seen Some Product Information Or Information On An Illness That May Be Relevant To My Pet - What Should I Do?

For information about prescription medicines you should always consult your Vet.

How Do I Report An Adverse Reaction To A Veterinary Medication?

If you notice any adverse reaction to a veterinary medication you should report it to your Vet.

My Order Hasn't Arrived!

The first question here is did your order contain prescription items? If so, did you supply a valid prescription? We are unable to process orders until we've received and checked the prescription. If this is the case we will have emailed or called you. Please get in touch and we'll work out what's not right. If your order contained only non-prescription items it should have been dispatched promptly (normally next working day). Check with neighbours and the postman's regular 'parcel drop places' to see if they left it and forgot to tell you. If the order was being delivered by courier then check your mobile as they should have sent you a text with full delivery details. Regardless of the above, if you'd like to check the progress of an order call us on 1300 376 337 or email and we'll find out what's delayed your order.

Can I Send My Order To A Different Address?

Yes. Just be sure to enter the necessary address details in the Delivery Address box at the start of the checkout process.

I've Forgotten My Password

This happens - don't panic. Just click on LogIn link at the top right of the page. This will start the 'Sign In" process. When the login box pops up, look just below the Email box but above the Password box is a Forgot Your Password link. Click this, fill in your email and the password reset procedure will start. Next we'll send you an email with all the necessary info. Please note that some email systems can view such emails as 'dodgy' (with the words "prescription", "password" and a link in them - we can see why) this means password reset emails can get automatically marked as 'junk' or 'spam'. So if the email doesn't show up, check your Junk, Spam or Clutter folders. If all else fails, give us a call on 1300 376 337

Can I Change My Order?

Yes, but hurry. Call us on 1300 376 337 as soon as you are sure! We always try to get orders shipped as soon as possible, so there is a very limited time window before we post it! If we can intercept your order before it leaves our hands we'll happily help with a change of delivery address, product or quantities. But do be quick. The same logic applies if you need to cancel an order. It makes life easier all round if we can avoid the returns process. So if you need to cancel, get in touch right away - we won't mind!

Can I Cancel My Order as I changed my mind?

If you cancel or requesting a refund as you changed your mind, no problem we can refund the amount paid less transaction & processing fee of %1.5 of total value of your order

What Courier Do You Use?

Australia Post & StarTrack

Can I Return Prescription Medications?

We do not accept returns on Prescription medication. For full details please see the Return Policy page.

Can I Collect My Order Direct From Store?

Yes, you can. Just select "Pick up from store" in the checkout page. We will notify you when the order is available for collection (Usually next business day). Our address is Suite 106 / 3 The Crescent, Wentworth Point 2127 NSW

How are Temperature Controlled Products sent?

We send temperature controlled products in boxes lined with insulating foam. The products are then packed with 'ice packs' to maintain a constant temperature during the delivery process.

What if I did not attach a script to my order?

If you have ordered prescription medication please ensure that you have attached or emailed the script (if you are not sure how to do so please call us prior to ordering) as a refund transaction & processing fee of $4.99 applies if placed orders with no scripts.